Kim Klaver...

"Here's how we've built 6 different companies to the top over 28 years."

About Kim

Hi, I’m Kim Klaver. I love people and I love helping professionals who want to grow their retirement income with their network marketing business - but they don’t have time to talk to hundreds of wrong people.

They’re ready to use an automated screening system (the YesS) and end up with a full calendar of appointments whenever they want, of folks who've self-selected to be customers or reps.

I get a kick out of creating time and rejection saving systems for myself and now offer them to professionals and entrepreneurs - who often can spend only a few hours a week growing their business. After 29 years we’ve developed a “Auto screening system” that reduces rejection by 84.2% and, time spent “talking to wrong people” by about 80%.

My mission is to reach professionals who must qualify their best prospects in moments, not hours, so they can build up extra residual income for those later years.