Did you know about Kim Academy Prime?

There is a reason…

“Would you like to be able to buy ANYTHING on the KIM KLAVER ACADEMY SITE for 50% off? As much as you want, for ONE year...”

It’s an annual membership. Like Amazon prime. Only better.

Our Prime (KAP) members get 50% off any program - and as many programs as you want - for the entire year. Program prices go from $5.95 to $15,000.

Three folks signed up for KAP just to get 50% off for the high level Six Figure Advisor program. They save $7,500 - as a KAP member.

If you love our stuff…KAP is for you. We add NEW programs each year, too(!)

What we do…

We help people who have something they know will help other people, but they don’t know how to sell it. That’s what we do. We especially love helping struggling network marketers.

After building 6 companies to the top in record time over 29 years, we’ve discovered some different ways to build, without ever chasing, nagging or hyping, plus some cool shortcuts. Our people come to us. We’ll show you how.

We love to share our secrets…

We know everything is not always affordable, so we’ve decided to create a VIP members club - “Kim Academy Prime”. KAP for short.

If you want to get 50% off our programs for a year, click here.

Enroll as a KAP member right here and get your 50% off coupon to use for any and all purchases you make from Kim Klaver Academy.

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