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from folks before they join the YesS…

  • Q.Do I get to have access to Kim ever?

    A.Yep. She does live Q & As 2 times per week and helps you out in the private Facebook group.

  • Q.Do I get to talk to the team and get feedback?

    A.Yes. For each step of the program you get a personal coach giving you feedback. And the team is also available 24-7 inside the private Facebook group.

  • Q.Can I use this for finding customers OR recruits?

    A.Yes indeed. That’s what Kim did and what we teach in the program.

  • Q.How much time do I have to commit a week?

    A.Depends on 1) how fast you want to go, 2) how big you want to build, and where you are right now. Typically folks spend 3-5 hours per week, some more, some less. Depending on how fast they want to go.

  • Q.How long will it be before I see results?

    A.Some people get results their first week. Results range from restoring your confidence, to getting people to respond for the first time (not running the other way) to signing up clients or recruits.

  • Q.Can I get customers/recruits before my software is done or do I have to wait?

    A.People get customers and recruits before their customized “secret weapon” is done, yes. The automation makes that process go faster.

  • Q.Do I need tech know how to use the software?

    A.Nope. No tech know-how required. However, you must be able to use your computer for basics like email, or Facebook messaging.

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